“I enjoy drawing these cute, kind of odd, fairytale-like characters, all of them part of a story I have not completed yet. Before I actually put the whole story together, I thought I should allow these quite unique characters to live, breath and grow by letting them out of my sketching pad and into the big wide world. Through the shirts I make, that is.”

Evi Z is a self-taught artist, illustrator, visual storyteller and founder of All The Queen’s Toys. When she does not live in NY, she lives in Athens, Greece, her home city. When she does not create stories for kids, she does so for a select few grownups. All The Queen’s Toys is still a work in progress storywise, but the illustrations she’s made at this early stage, seem to have taken a life of their own thanks to you, the people who wear them.

All of our apparel are made in Greece. Since everything is made locally, we can keep a very close eye on every step of the production, make sure our products meet our quality standards. And since we get to know the people we work with and interact with them on a regular basis, we can guarantee that our garments are sweatshop/child labor free and that people are being treated and paid fairly for their work. We stand behind the quality of the products we create 100%.